Terms and conditions for RAMUS – Anatomic Bike Seat for Triathlon

Thank you for considering a custom made RAMUS saddle. Read this document carefully before making your purchase decision.


You are about to buy a custom made triathlon bike saddle. The saddle has a custom made design and the frame of the saddle has been manufactured from PA12 plastic in Finland with a professional 3D printer using multi jet fusion technology. The goal of this custom made design is to help you to minimize saddle caused soreness while you are doing triathlon related bike training and racing.


saddle is a product of Grindstone Hill Ltd. and you are about to purchase your saddle from Grindstone Hill Ltd. located in Espoo Finland. Grindstone Hill Ltd. owns the design of your saddle and also reserves all rights to make changes to the design.


Having a custom made design in your saddle brings in many benefits but it has also limitations that you have to be aware of. By reading this document you understand that there has not been made any physical safety tests to your RAMUS saddle of choice. Grindstone Hill Ltd. cannot prove the safety of your saddle of choice and if you still decide to purchase and use a RAMUS saddle on your bike you do it at your own responsibility and take into consideration the risk of a possible saddle failure.

The saddles have been tested by computer simulations and based on those simulations they should be safe to use in normal flat road conditions until 80kg rider weight. However real life conditions can remarkably differ from the simulation conditions and the computer simulation can give misleading results.

The shape of RAMUS saddle has been optimized so that the saddle keeps its form with the help of bike’s seat clamp. Newer try to bend or use any force towards the saddle before you have attached the saddle in your bike. RAMUS saddle has grade 5 titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) rails which are very rigid and also a critical component of the saddle’s overall rigidity. However this rigidity is compromised if you have not attached the saddle firmly to your bike. Tighten the saddle clamp screws as thight as your bike/seatpost manufacturer recommends before you start using the saddle.


RAMUS saddle 3D printed frame and titanium rails have a limited one (1) year warranty. This warranty covers any failure of the above mentioned parts when the saddle has been used for normal triathlon related biking and the guidance of this and other saddle related documents has been followed. If the saddle gets broken during the warranty period Grindstone Hill Ltd. requests a detailed description of the failure to be given and has the right to evaluate wheter the breakage was caused by misuse of the saddle. If the breakage was due to a design or material failure a replacement saddle will be sent for you at no charge (excluding shipping costs). Grindstone Hill Ltd. holds the right to make design changes to the replacement saddle if this seems to be necessary after the cause of the original saddle breakage has been evaluated.

Any other accessories (for example replaceable seat paddings and velcros) provided together with your saddle are considered as consumables and do not have a warranty.


A shipping fee is added to the product price based on your location at the time of your payment. This shipping fee covers the freight costs of your package from Finland to your location. It is your responsibility to check whether you have to pay any additional local costs when the package arrives to your country.

If for some reason you refuse to receive your package shipped to you the package will be returned to Grindstone Hill Ltd. You will be refunded after the products have been checked that they are still good as new. The amount of refund is calculated as follows:

the total sum of your purchase – shipping fees – 20€ handling cost – import tariffs and taxes (for returns from non EU countries)

Grindstone Hill Ltd. reserves rights to modify this document.