left front 120
front 120
right front 120
back 120

The narrowest flat edge version of the currently available RAMUS saddles.


  • Width from the widest part: without seat pads: 120mm, with seat pads: 126mm
  • Width from the narrowest part: without seat pads: 52mm, with seat pads: 58mm
  • Length: 175mm (not UCI legal)
  • Weight: 160g (measured with 5mm firm seat pads)
  • Grade 5 titanium rails: 71mm x 7mm
  • Bottle cage mount interface at the back of the saddle
  • *One pair of removable seat pads included:
    • dermatologically tested
    • water resistant
    • non-slip surface
  • Selectable seat pad options:
    • firm 5mm
    • soft 7mm

*On a special request seat pads can be customized. For example seat pads can be leather upholstered and thickness can be adjusted even individually for both sides if necessary. More information of the seat pad options can be found from accessories section.