Unexpected Demand Burst

Hi RAMUS fans!

Due to unexpected demand spike after extremely positive testing report for our saddles we are experiencing some delays for the deliveries because of raw material shortages.

Please keep this in mind while considering to make an order. At the moment it is approximately 3 weeks until you can get your saddle after purchase. We are hoping that this delivery time won’t get any longer, but cannot give absolute guarantee for it.

So if you are considering to get your RAMUS as fast as possible we recommend you to act quickly as the order queue is getting longer all the time.

We appreciate your understanding of the situation.

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Image copyright: TINKR STUDIOS

Southeast Asia’s Fastest Female Ironman Athlete Puts RAMUS Saddles to the Test

It is a great honor to announce that RAMUS saddles are soon going to be tested by a professional triathlete. And this time we aren’t talking about just any triathlete. We are talking about a true high level professional triathlete Choo Ling Er.

The test saddles are currently on the way to Singapore and as they arrive they will be put to a test that we haven’t yet seen in the history of RAMUS saddles.

Ling Er has an outstanding track record as a triathlete including 6x participation to Ironman Kona World Championships, 3x winner of the 70.3 Asia Pacific AG women’s championship and the list goes on.

We are extremely excited to hear Ling Er’s comments on RAMUS saddles as the testing begins. This testing will be giving many answers especially for those who have been hoping to get feedback and comments on RAMUS saddles from professional triathletes. Now it is going to happen and it’s going to happen in an extremely high level.

We already want to thank very much Ling Er for her time and decision to take RAMUS into test.

Stay tuned for future updates!

You can read more about Ling Er’s amazing achievements from the following links:


Welcome to Ramus Saddles! Here we will publish our latest news concerning our products. Right from the beginning we are more than excited to tell you that Ramus saddles pre-launch testing is already rolling and looking very promising. We want to be 100% sure that when we launch our first products they will be ready for hard training and racing with no excuses.

If you are willing to hear more details about the current situation of the pre-launch testing don’t hesitate to contact us.